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Helping Your Pet Cope with the Loss of Another Pet

Pets can form very strong relationships with eachother. When a pet experiences the loss of their beloved friend, they often exhibit the same emotions as their owner. 

They become restless, anxious and depressed. They are found to sigh a lot, have sleeping and eating disturbances, and general behavioural changes. They’ll be found searching for their friend around the home, and crave more attention from their owner. 

There are several ways to help a pet through the grieving process. 

  • Keep their routine as normal as possible
  • Do not enforce their behavioural changes. If they crave more attention, try not to overdo it as this may lead to separation anxiety
  • Allow the pet to work out the grievances. Understand that there may be more fights with other pets. 
  • Don’t get a new pet to help with the grieving. This will only cause the owner and the pet to suppress their grieving feelings and not experience and accept them. People and pets that are grieving wont have the energy to care for a new addition. 
  • The grieving process is very stressful on a pet. Read up on how to De-Stress Your Pet and possible Herbal Stress Remedies that may be helpful.

Know that one day soon you and your pet will feel better. Be gentle with yourself and with your pet. The sooner you can accept the present situation and let it go, the sooner you will both be feeling better. Remember, pets can feel energy and can sense your pain. Doing what you can to feel better will in turn be helping your pet as well. Sending lots of love and peace to you and your pet.